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Photographer Workshop

Photographer Workshop

Join to learn and share together with other photographer in Dea Villas Bali, a tropical paradise environment. We will focus in FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY, nude, traditional Balinese dances, real country side... A study of lights outdoor and in studio.

Contact us for more detail at workshop@artissimo-photogal.com


The Photographer

Only discovered photography in 2004. I loved drawing from childhood, but my professional career has pretty much kept me away from my passon. I was surprised by the ease of playing with digital technology so I started "draw" again.

I am an autodidact. I learn a lot by watching the master pieces of the famous painters and photographers; by practices and by experimentation... In my first studies I use mostly black and white photos in which I play with the light to carve curves and geometrical forms out of the shadow.

The second is more dedicated to flashing movements and colors. I cherish the encounter between the two persons, one in front of the camera and the other behing. Their dialogue is the creative principle of my photos.

The third was more graphic or let say more close to painting than photography. Then I discovered Balinese light whick I try to catch in my last series. For me the human body, combined with a "Clair obscur" light, was the most complex, sophisticated and harmonious landscape.




Dea Villas

Dea villas is a five-start complex composed of five beautiful sister properties in the heart of the island of Gods - Bali. Dea Villas will not only be your hotel but its exotic and tropical gardens will also be your playground area for your photoshoots

Dea villas is a gateway to heaven, so let's the dream come true...